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Magnet Forensics: Work Term 3
August 23, 2019Kanoa Haley

Working at Magnet Forensics

In this post I will be discussing my recent 4-month work term as a at Magnet Forensics. I'm a computer science major (Bachelor of Computing) going into my fourth year of school at the University of Guelph. This was my third work term so far, my first two terms being spent at MappedIn. I hope that this post may provide some insight into my experience at Magnet and maybe even teach you something new!


About Magnet

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in digital forensics technology. We design and build products used for digital investigations in the modern era by law enforcement, corporations, and government agencies. Our primary focus is on acquiring and processing digital data from smart phones, computers, and the cloud while modernizing digital evidence management.

Mappedin: Work Term 1 & 2
January 07, 2019Kanoa Haley

Working at Mappedin

I recently completed a two term co-op at Mappedin, an indoor wayfinding startup located in KW. I worked as a full-stack software developer on their enterprise team. This was my second job as a full-stack dev, but my first time working on a team with many moving parts and my first co-op work term. A bit about me before we start, I'm a third-year student studying at the University of Guelph and I'm working towards a Bachelors of Computing in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I've been interested in computer science, and software development in particular, since I was 10 years old. In this post, I will dive into my wonderful experience while working at Mappedin. I hope you'll enjoy my journey and learn a bit about me and Mappedin.


Pretty Good Privacy (How to Use PGP)
October 19, 2015Kanoa Haley

Do you want to keep your emails private from the government? How about from hackers? Or maybe, you just don’t want a sibling to read them? Whatever the case, be it critical, important, or just for fun, encrypting some, or all, of your emails could be a good idea.

It may seem daunting at first; trying to turn your messages into scrambled code and it somehow ending up as something readable when the recipient decrypts it. It also is quite impressive; even the NSA cannot decrypt end-to-end encryption. But even given all this, it may just seem too complicated for you.

Meet Pretty Good Privacy, also know as PGP, the best encryption program since 1991. PGP allows you to encrypt and decrypt emails, documents, files, and even whole disks! It also allows you to attach a digital signature to your communications to prove each message is actually coming from you, and not somebody else. In essence, PGP allows you to communicate securely with somebody; the benefits are knowing that they are who they say and that nobody else can read your messages.

How does PGP even work?

The whole premise revolves around everybody having a key. Each key contains two components, a public key and a private key. Th